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WHY people 
choose WESTwood

Westwood is a company that has grown to meet the needs of the modern customer.
While still small enough to be able to provide a high level of service and quality.
Our capabilities are extensive and competent.

40 years of experience

Westwood is an established company that has received many awards from our
customers over the last 40 years

Everything is about quality

Passion for precision

Through the use of the Proshop paperless ERP system, we are able to constantly monitor all aspects of the transaction and resolve any issues and be able to provide real time reports to our customers.

Dedicated to client's success

Westwood diligently maintains an excellent KPI scorecard. We strive to be the strong link in our customers supply chain.
Westwood Precision is proficient at working with our customers, to achieve being a productive and reliable link in the supply chain.
Our shop is proud to be Powered by ProShop ERP. 

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Westwood Precision, Inc. 7509 Hardeson
Road Everett, WA 98203-6285
(425) 742-7011
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